DesignaKnit 7

Computer Aided Knitwear Designing Software

  • Packed with new features For Machine and Hand Knitters
  • Featuring new brush tools in Stitch Designer
  • View Thumbnail File Images
  • View Stitch Symbols on Screen
With the Kaleidoscope Tool you can create geometric designs easily.

DesignaKnit Professional allows you to create your own garment styles


Create stitch patterns with stitch designer.


Convert pictures into stitch designs

Integrate Shape and Stitch Design

Minimum System

Windows (95/98)
6 Megabytes of free disk space
VGA (256 color) video card
Windows (2000/XP)
  • 128 Megabytes of system memory
  • 20 Megabytes of free disk space
    SVGA (Super VGA) video card
    Graphics Tablet
    We offer several DesignaKnit tutorial disks also.